What our clients have to say?


Karina2Karina Perez, NPC National Figure Competitor 

In preparation for my next competition, I was looking to improve on my posing. Candice was recommended to me by a good friend whose judgment I trust. I met with Candice and knew within a few minutes that I was in good hands. Her experience as a competitor and judge were instrumental in giving me a comprehensive understanding of how I needed to present myself.

Candice made me feel at ease and comfortable while instilling confidence in my abilities. I will continue to train with her in my pursuit of a Pro career.

Latoya-Watts-USA-Fitness-Figure-Babe-42 (1)Latoya Watts, IFBB Figure Pro

First time I had the pleasure of meeting Candice Houston was in 2011 when the sport of competing was all new to me. At the time I was an amateur bikini competitor and knew nothing about posing or presentation.

Candice was referred to me by a good friend, so before meeting her I already heard wonderful things regarding her work ethic as a posing and presentation coach. From first encounter I was definitely impressed.  – Read More

Andria Pruitt

Andria Pruitt, School Teacher

Candice guides me through my life’s journeys, and she allows me to progress as the universe uniquely directs me. She councils me to help me find myself and my own way. She is a light, who comforts, encourages, and loves! She has helped me embark upon the greatest journey of my life, and each day is getting better and better!

samanthaWhittemoreSamantha Whittemore

I am so blessed that I found Candice! When I was prepping for my first competition, I had so many days when I was hard on myself and negative, and I just wanted to give up. Her encouragement and positive energy always helped me push through! Candice not only made my competition the best possible experience for me, I now want to inspire others to live their own healthy and positive lifestyles.

SarahIngmansonSarah Ingramson

“The major job of a coach is to help people reawaken their connection to their souls.” ~Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts, The Hero’s Journey

I initially started working with Candice for posing and extra glute training. After Team U in 2012, I went to her full time and watched as she consistently improved my look from show to show. After being in last callouts at Team U, I finished Top 10 at Nationals less than five months later!

sandraFazioSandra Fazio

Candice is the ultimate powerhouse trainer, mentor, life coach and friend! She delivers above and beyond results for her clients, and they gain much more than just physical strength. Candice’s coaching encompasses the building of muscle along with the mental and spiritual growth equally important to reaching one’s personal goals! – Read More

Jen Men1Jenn Men

The first year that I worked with Candice, she trained me on how to pose for my first competition. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing or what angle of my body I should present to the judges. – Read More

KellyCoopKelly Coop

18 months ago, I was feeling so withdrawn that I didn’t want to leave my apartment – I didn’t want anyone to SEE me, including myself! A good friend of mine suggested that I reach out to Candice, explaining that this amazing woman was helping her change her life. Without a doubt, calling Candice proved to be one of the most valuable investments I have ever made.  – Read More

Kathy Dreiblatt

Each time I’ve prepared for a figure competition, I’ve run into the cold, brick wall of my own mind, halting me and tricking me with crippling doubts. My figure coach first suggested that I contact Candice and work with her. When I ran into that wall again, full of stress, doubt, and hopelessness, I knew it was time to contact Candice! – Read More

Melissa ZorkoMelissa Zorko, General Manager

I started working out and dieting with Candice in 2007, during that time I lost a significant amount of weight and dropped 6 sizes. I looked amazing. Then life happened and I wasn’t able to stay with Candice. Over the next few years I gradually put all the weight back on and found myself in a dark hole. – Read More

DSC01051Jen L. Morris

For the past nine months, Candice has helped me to achieve my dreams and ambitions. Through her guidance and intuitive feelings, Candice has realigned my life and am now on the path to living a life of fulfillment. Within the past year, I’ve went from a negative place with small hopes of a future to literally painting my own picture of the life I’ve always wanted. – Read More

KathleenGloverKathleen Glover, Internal Medicine, MD

Candice has helped me on several levels.  She has encouraged me to be more aware of what I really want in my day-to-day life, and what I want my life story to be.  She has helped me be more aware of my body and its needs, and through visioning, how to achieve the physical goals I have set for myself (running a 5k July 4th).  Candice has guided me through crises large and small.  She understands what is important to me and helps me translates those important ideals into doable behaviors.  Always upbeat, she knows how to deftly deliver a kink in the pants to me when needed.

AmberNadeauAmber Nadeau

I have been training with Candice for a year and a half, and the results that she has helped me achieve have been simply amazing! She consistently challenges me to be a better person everyday, both inside and outside of the gym. She is extremely knowledgeable about diet and weight training.   – Read More