Personal & Competition Training

Candice Houston is skilled in an array of training specialties.

She teaches you how to successfully free yourself from emotional and physical issues, such as adrenal fatigue, eating disorders, food addiction, and awakening your intuition.


Candice uses a gentle and focused approach to address nutrition, physical activity, supplements, stress, and emotional patterns to improve vitality and restore life.


Candice works closely with you to develop a program of emotional and mental healing, while using nutrition and exercise to create new ways of living with power and love for yourself.


Candice helps you change your unhealthy eating patterns involving foods that sabotage your dreams. Often it’s not the lack of will power that drives us to eat, but rather the internal chemical reactions caused by the foods we eat. Candice guides you through mental strengthening practices, lifestyle choices, and smart food decisions that help free you from food addiction’s vicious cycle.


Candice Houston has a unique gift for using the body and mind to awaken your intuition – that internal guidance system that knows who you are and what you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. Nutrition, physical activity, and mental focus directly affect your ability to feel, see, hear, and follow your intuition.